15 Degree Plastic Collated Siding And Framing Nails Explained

Jun 27, 2023 | NEWS

Plastic collated nails with a 15 degree double hardened nail point are specifically designed for siding and panel installation. The bevel angle on these plastic nails helps enable fastening into materials without the risk of splitting. Here are some key details about 15 degree plastic collated siding nails and framing nails along with their benefits.

What is a 15 Degree Nail Point?

The nail point of a 15 degree plastic collated nail is ground at an angle of 15 degrees to the nail shaft. This means the nail point forms an angle of 15 degrees with the long axis of the nail. The angled nail point allows the nail to pierce sidings and panels without excessive material deformation while securing firmly. Unlike standard 90 degree nail points, a 15 degree nail point establishes a better initial grip and spreads fastening forces over a larger area.

How Does The 15 Degree Angle Work?

The 15 degree angle on the nail point facilitates easy start and penetration into siding and panel materials. This beveled nail point acts like a wedge and spreads the fastening material outward after penetration. Spreading the material outward reduces the chance of split or tear holes that can occur with conventional 90 degree nail points. Since 15 degree nail points drive easily, they allow rapid nailing especially with nail guns. However, they require deeper embedment to achieve secure fastening.

Why Use 15 Degree Nails For Siding?

Some reasons to opt for 15 degree plastic collated siding nails include:

• Less splitting: Angled 15 degree nail points reduce splitting of fiber cement, wood and vinyl siding during installation.
• Faster installation:The beveled nail design drives smoothly into siding for rapid completion of fixing work.
• Less dimpling: Since 15 degree nails penetrate more easily, they minimize cosmetic dimpling of vinyl and aluminum sidings.
• Secure hold: Once embedded deep enough, 15 degree nail points provide a firm grip comparable to standard nails.

15 Degree Nails For Framing

15 degree plastic collated framing nails with T15 tips prove effective for light framing projects like building stud walls. Key benefits include:

• Reduced wood splitting: The angled design of 15 degree nails minimizes wood splintering during framing.
• Smooth nailing: Beveled nail points drive easily through framing materials for fast assembly.
• Less nail pops: Deeper embedment of 15 degree nails reduces occurrence of nail pops in wood structures over time.
• Lightweight fastening: Plastic nails reduce hand fatigue compared to standard metal nails during framing.