18 Gauge Crown Staples: The Perfect Choice for Most General Stapling Needs

Jun 14, 2023 | NEWS

18 gauge crown staples are probably the most common and versatile staples you’ll find. With a medium wire thickness of 0.045 inches, they offer a good balance of being thin enough for most tasks yet sturdy enough for heavier-duty use. The crown under the staple legs helps securely grip paper and other materials. This blog post covers everything you need to know about 18 gauge crown staples.

What Are 18 Gauge Crown Staples?

18 gauge refers to the wire thickness – 0.045 inches in diameter. The gauge number indicates how many lengths of wire can be cut from one foot of the material. Finer gauges have higher numbers.

Crown staples feature a small raised protrusion under each leg that helps grip materials more securely. The crown “catches” the fibers of paper and cardboard to keep items from sliding out of place.

Types of 18 Gauge Crown Staples

There are a few common varieties of 18 gauge crown staples:

• Narrow crown – The crown is small and narrow, making these staples thinner and less visible once inserted. They work well for most general stapling needs.
• Standard crown – The crown size is larger, providing a bit more gripping power. These are good for heavier-duty applications and thicker stocks.
• Box staples – Have an angled crown designed specifically for closing and securing boxes.
• Corner staples – Feature legs that are bent at 90 degree angles for use in corners.

Benefits of 18 Gauge Crown Staples

• Medium wire thickness – Perfect for most general-purpose stapling jobs
• Effective gripping – The crowns help keep papers and other materials securely in place
• Variety of lengths – Available in lengths from 5/8 inch to over 2 inches
• Affordable and widely available
• Narrow crown staples are often inconspicuous once inserted

Applications for 18 Gauge Crown Staples

• Stapling multipage reports, manuscripts or office documents
• Attaching folders, file jackets and envelopes
• Temporary bindings for books or magazines
• Connecting cardboard boxes
• Many other DIY, home or office tasks

18 gauge crown staples strike the perfect balance for most general stapling needs. The crowns provide just enough gripping power without being too bulky. Narrow crowns work well aesthetically while standard crowns offer a bit more strength. Overall, 18 gauge crown staples are a versatile and affordable option.