20 Gauge Wide Crown Staples – The All-Purpose Fasteners

Jul 29, 2023 | NEWS

20 gauge wide crown staples are perfect all-purpose fasteners for a variety of light-duty applications. Compared to narrow crown staples, wide crown staples have a wider legs and crown which helps evenly distribute the clamping force. They are ideal for temporarily or permanently joining thin sheets of paper, cardboard, felt, vinyl and light fabrics.

20 gauge wide crown staples

Properties Of 20 Gauge Wide Crown Staples:

• Wide Crown – The wide and flat top provides more surface area to securely grip thin materials. Wide crowns also have legs that are wider apart to avoid tearing or puncturing delicate items.
• Light Duty – Due to their relatively small wire diameter of 0.0355 inches, 20 gauge staples are suitable for joining thin and lightweight materials up to around 60 pages of standard paper.
• Sharp Points – The sharply tapered points of wide crown staples help them pierce through materials easily with minimum pressure. This reduces jamming and bending of staples during use.
• High Clamping Force – Despite their smaller wire size, 20 gauge crown staples can generate a decent clamping force of around 20 to 30 pounds due to their longer leg lengths and wider crowns.
• Uniform Function – Staples of the same wire gauge and crown type perform uniformly with consistent clinching and pulling characteristics. This makes tasks like batch stapling quick and easy.

Common Applications Of 20 Gauge Wide Crown Staples:

• File Folders – Fastening file folders, tags and labels reliably onto paper and cardboard.
• Felt Crafts -Assembling felt crafts like Christmas decorations, gift boxes and gift bags.
• Vinyl Products -Temporarily joining sheets of interior vinyl like wallpaper, upholstery and flooring.
• Light Fabric Assemblies -Attaching together lightweight fabrics and textiles during sewing, quilting and crafting projects.
• Paper Products – Binding brochures, booklets, pamphlets, receipts and paper stacks up to 60 pages.
• Corkboards – Placing tacks and staples onto natural and bulletin corkboards.

Fine Wire Staples:

For even lighter-duty fastening applications, fine wire staples are available with wire diameters as small as 18 gauge. Compared to 20 gauge staples, 18 gauge staples have:

• Lower clamping force of around 15 to 20 pounds
• Pointier tips for piercing ultra-thin materials easily
• Narrower leg widths to avoid tearing delicate items
• Smaller crowns that occupy less surface area on bonded materials

Fine wire staples are ideal for:

• Joining tracing paper, tissue paper and onion skin paper
• Attaching tags to gift bags made of thin plastic and tissue paper
• Strapping ribbons and name tags onto gift boxes
• Placing tacks into soft corkboards and foam boards