22 Gauge Upholstery and 20 Gauge Staples – Understanding the Differences

Dec 8, 2023 | NEWS

As furniture upholstery and assembly evolves to meet consumer tastes, specialty staples prove crucial for professional results. Leading manufacturer Crown offers insights into optimizing workflows with their 22 gauge upholstery and 20 gauge crown staple lines.

Staple Gauge

Gauge refers to wire diameter – 22 gauge staples measure 0.0299″ while 20 gauge staples come in at 0.0320″. Heavier wire 20s hold stronger in applications demanding reinforcement.

Staple Leg Length

Leg length determines penetration depth – usually 1/4″ for delicate fabrics and 5/8″ for denser padding or leatherwork. Longer legs on 20 gauge provide more secure gripping.

Staple Crown

The crown prevents pull-through – domed on upholstery staples while 20 gauge crowns feature barbs to mechanically “bite” into wood or cardboard.


  1. 22 gauge upholstery staples gentle enough for silk or suede. Fasten delicate trim, piping, and joining multiple fabric layers.
  2. 20 gauge for assembling wooden or particleboard furniture frames. Reinforce joints under stress or heavy use.
  3. Both suitable for stretched fabrics over cushions or attached webbing/straps. 20s recommended for vinyl, leather, outdoor uses.


Pneumatic staplers drive 22s quickly without damage. Heavier-duty coil or brad nailers suited to driving 20s. For precise placement, upholstery hammers tap staples flush.

Performance Factors

22 gauge holds seams, doesn’t cut or protrude. 20 gauge crown staples in load-bearing or high-friction contact points. Rust-inhibiting finishes on both last generations.

With optimized staple selection, upholsterers deliver professional results efficiently. Crown’s extensive lines provide the right fastener for every fabrication task.