3 Types Of Crown Staples – Made By HUAZHEN Fastener Manufacturer

By our more then 18 years experience, HUAZHEN provides our clients one-site solution on fastener products. Owned more than 15 professionals and advanced management system to ensure that our customers have no worries in consultation, procurement, ordering, and using!

Meanwhile, we are specialized in manufacturing about various of staples, such as crown staples, narrow crown staples, heavy duty stainless steel staples, galvanized staples and brad nails, etc. Certainly, we also are willing to cooperate with oversea customers through OEM.

The staple crown refers to the central top portion of the staples that holds the two legs together. It is the part of the staple that is visible when it is inserted into materials or when the legs are spread apart.

Additionally, it’s important to note that there are 3 distinct types of crowns available:

  1. narrow crown, for example – 18 gauge narrow crown staples stainless
  2. medium crown, for instances – 18 gauge 1/4 inch crown staples
  3. wide crown, consdieration – 1/2 inch wide crown staple galvanized coating

Each crown type possesses unique capabilities and serves specific purposes based on the requirements of different applications.