A Guide to Selecting the Right Fine Wire Staples for Your Application

Jul 18, 2023 | NEWS

From office documents to upholstery work, fine wire staples provide versatile and affordable fastening for a wide range of uses. But with the variety of wire gauges, lengths, points, and leg shapes available, it’s important to select a staple optimized for your specific materials and application needs. In this article, we’ll look at how 20 gauge wire size, 11.2 inch leg length, and other attributes factor into choosing the right fine wire staple.

China 11.2 inch 20 gauge fine wire staples

Advantages Of 20 Gauge Wire for Fine Wire Staples

Wire gauge indicates the diameter of the steel used to form staples, with higher gauges representing thinner wire. 20 gauge is a very commonly used gauge for fine wire staples for light duty applications. At 0.035 inch diameter, China 20 gauge fine wire staples offers a great balance of sufficient stiffness for driving staple legs into materials, while being thin enough for minimal damage in soft materials.

Heavier 16 or 18 gauge wire staples provide higher fastening strength but tend to create bigger holes and require more force for bending the legs during driving. 20 gauge slides more smoothly into surfaces while still providing ample holding power for materials like paper, plastic sheeting, and light fabrics. It’s easy to see why 20 gauge is popular for typical office and household uses.

Choosing The Right Leg Length

Leg length, usually given in inches or millimeters, determines how deep staples penetrate into the attached materials. The optimal length depends on the combined thickness of the items to be secured. Generally you want the legs to protrude slightly from the back side but not so far as to risk poking out the other side.

For multi-page documents, 11.2 inch (around 7/16″) legs allow enough grab to prevent pull-out without poking through. 22mm (about 7/8″) works well for applications like securing plastic sheeting. Test various lengths on material samples to find the best option. Also consider the crown width when high stapling volume risks excessive damage. Normally, China 11.2 inch 20 gauge fine wire staples present excellent properties.

Wholesale 22mm 20 Gauge Fine Wire Staples For Upholstery Uses

For upholstery applications, longer 22mm fine wire staples provide a sturdy hold even in tough materials like leather. The thin 20 gauge wire penetrates easily while minimizing visible holes. Using a hammer helps ensure the legs bend properly when driving by hand.

Buying 22mm staples in bulk packaging offers big savings for upholstery shops and avid hobbyists. Check specifications like wire gauge, lead, and point style match the intended application. Rely on reputable distributors for sourcing quality and consistency.