Both Fine Wire Staples & 3/16 Crown Staples Belong To Narrow Crown Staples

HUAZHEN has been actively engaged in the fastener industry for over 18 years, accumulating significant expertise and experience. With a team of over 15 skilled professionals and an advanced management system in place, we ensure that our customers receive seamless support throughout the entire process, from consultation and procurement to ordering and utilization. Our commitment is to alleviate any concerns or worries our customers may have.

In meantime, HUAZHEN specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for our oversea clients in the fastener products domain. We offer a wide range of nails and staples, catering to diverse requirements and applications.

Fine wire staples, also known as thin wire staples, are staples with a smaller diameter and thinner gauge compared to standard staples. Actually, both fine wire staples and 3/16 inch crown staples belong to narrow crown staples as well.

Fine wire staples typically fall within the 20-22 gauge range. For instances, 22 gauge fine wire staples are specifically designed for a variety of applications:

  1. Upholstery projects,
  2. Cabinetry,
  3. Precise wood trim work,
  4. Batten strips,
  5. Picture frame fitting,
  6. Assembling wood baskets,
  7. Securing plastic parts,
  8. Molding,
  9. Furniture assembly.

Their slender profile and appropriate gauge make them well-suited for these tasks, offering reliable and discreet fastening solutions.

20 gauge 3 16 crown staples have various applications due to their specific size and characteristics:

  1. Commonly used in upholstery projects to secure fabric to furniture frames,
  2. These staples are suitable for cabinetry work,
  3. Often utilized in furniture assembly, particularly for joining wood components,
  4. These staples are suitable for attaching trim pieces, such as baseboards, crown molding, or decorative moldings,
  5. Used for various crafts and DIY projects.