Brad Nails’ Size and Material Vary A Lot

 Brad Nails are occupying every aspect of people’s lives. Whether it is the elegant bookcase in your home or the fashionable boots you just ordered, Brad Nails may be there. You may not know what a brad nail is when you can’t live without it.They may be large, supporting large pieces of furniture in your home, or they may be small, simply used to hold a decorative item on your clothing.

  1.5 inch brad nails are the most commonly used in various manufacturing and decoration industries. This is a universal size that is easily compatible.Many factories or decoration teams regard 1.5 inch brad nails as daily necessary reserves, and they often order them continuously and in large quantities.

  In addition to size, brad nails also vary greatly in material.Most brad nails are galvanized, while we recommend stainless steel to most buyers.

SS brad nails,means stainless steel brad nails,good corrosion resistance, good high-temperature strength, beautiful appearance and not easy to pollute,these all are describing SS brad nails.They can provide buyers both stability and beauty.

If you’re interested in brad nails,please feel free to call!