China’s Tianjin Fastener Factory Once Again Went To Russia To Participate In The Exhibition & Achieved Great Success

Nov 16, 2023 | NEWS

Tianjin, November 10, 2023, China’s Tianjin Fastener Factory once again demonstrated its excellent products and professional services on the international stage, participating in an exhibition held in Russia. This exhibition not only brought business opportunities to the factory, but also allowed them to make many new friends from Russia and gain high recognition for their products.

As an enterprise engaged in foreign trade of fasteners for 18 years

Tianjin Fastener Factory has been committed to providing high-quality fastener products and solutions. At this Russian exhibition, the factory displayed a series of its latest innovative products, such as Ruspert Screw, Staples, coil nails, etc. These products not only offer superior quality and reliability, but also incorporate advanced technology and craftsmanship to meet the needs of the industry.

Tianjin fastener factorys booth attracted many visitors and buyers

During the exhibition, the Tianjin Fastener Factory‘s booth attracted the attention of many visitors and buyers. They highly recognized the product quality and technical level of the factory and expressed their willingness to further cooperate with the factory. Many new friends have expressed that they are deeply impressed by Tianjin Fastener Factory’s products and believe that they can meet their project requirements and bring higher efficiency and reliability.

In addition to exchanges and negotiations at the exhibition, Tianjin Fastener Factory also conducted in-depth cooperation discussions with local Russian companies and institutions. The two parties have actively cooperated in technical exchanges, product research and development, and market expansion, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Tianjin fastener factory with satisfying result for exhibitions

The delegation of Tianjin Fastener Factory said that they are very satisfied and proud of the results achieved by this exhibition. Through the exhibition, they not only deepened their ties with Russian partners, but also expanded the factory’s visibility and influence in the international market. . The factory will continue to adhere to the concept of “people-oriented, quality first”, continuously improve product quality and innovation capabilities, and provide better fastener solutions to global customers.

At the end of the exhibition, the delegation of Tianjin Fastener Factory said a friendly farewell to their new friends in Russia and expressed their expectation for future cooperation opportunities. They believe that through the joint efforts and cooperation of both parties, the exchanges and development between China and Russia in the field of fasteners will be further promoted and greater contributions will be made to the prosperity of the global economy.