Choosing the Best Stainless Steel Staples for Your Application

Aug 22, 2023 | NEWS

Stainless steel represents a go-to staple material option when high corrosion resistance and holding power are needed. With their strong penetration, wide crowns, and durable construction, stainless steel staples excel in securing insulation, weather barriers, wire fencing, roofing felt, best staples for upholstery, and other exterior materials. This guide covers the benefits of stainless staples and how to select the optimal type according to your project requirements.

20 gauge fine wire staples

Advantages of Stainless Steel for Staples

Stainless steel provides staples with:

  • High tensile and shear strength for holding power
  • Corrosion resistance for wet, outdoor conditions
  • Suitability for pressure treated lumber and metals
  • Long service life without degradation
  • Stainless color that blends into many materials
  • Recyclability and environmental friendliness
  • Galvanic compatibility with many building materials

The 316 and 304 alloys commonly used are resistant to rust and pitting corrosion. Stainless remains strong and attractive for years.

Choosing Leg Type, Crown, and Size

  • Leg Type: Chisel point, needle point, divergent point, or diamond point
  • Crown Width: 3/8″ for max gripping power; 1/4″ standard
  • Leg Length/Gauge: Longer and thicker for hard materials
  • Staple Size: Length of 5/8″ to 2″ to suit application

Match these attributes to the material thickness and composition.

Top Uses For Stainless Steel Wide Crown Staples

  • Upholstery – Wide crown and chisel point grip fabrics best
  • Insulation – Long divergent legs securely fasten batts and wraps
  • Roofing Felt – Durable long-term fastening for roof underlayments
  • Fencing – Galvanized fence staples and stainless steel staples for wood posts
  • Flashing – Sealing building wraps, housewraps, and membranes
  • Landscaping – Ground barrier fabrics, edging, weed barriers
  • General Construction – Signs, plastic sheets, vapor barriers

Stainless steel brings corrosion resistance and strength to these exterior applications.

Comparing Stainless with Other Materials

Next to carbon steel, stainless offers superior longevity and performance for a moderate price increase. Against more expensive specialty alloys, stainless provides the best value combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and cost. For highly demanding applications, specialized staples are available.

For essential holding power in demanding conditions, stainless steel is an ideal staple material choice. Review your application and environment to select the optimal stainless steel staple specifications bringing the right blend of penetration, crown width, and durability.