Choosing The Right Steel Staples For Company Projects

Aug 28, 2023 | NEWS

From DIY crafts to construction projects, staples are a versatile fastening solution for securing materials together. But not all staples are suited for every application. Factors like metal type, crown width, and gauge size determine performance. By understanding key staple features, you can select the best option for your specific needs.

18 gauge narrow crown galvanized staples

Stainless Steel Staples

For high corrosion resistance and longevity, stainless steel is often the ideal staple metal. Stainless resists rust far better than standard steel or galvanized staples when exposed to moisture over time. This makes stainless models preferable for outdoor projects or humid indoor spaces.

18 gauge stainless steel staples with a narrow crown are excellent for details like wrapping canvas prints and securing wiring. The narrow crown helps avoid unsightly bulkiness on finished products. Stainless also provides excellent holding strength on wood trim pieces, pegboard, and other household materials.

For office use, stainless steel prevents ugly rust marks from marring important documents. The staples’ smooth finish enables easy staple removal without tearing paper. Compared to plain steel, stainless staples maintain a clean, fresh appearance for the life of your projects.

Narrow Crown Staples

The crown refers to the width between the staple’s legs. 18 gauge narrow crown stainless steel staples take up less space while still providing firm fastening. They are ideal for jobs where wider crown staples could cause unwanted bulk.

For instance, 18 gauge narrow crown staples stainless attach pegboard hooks, hanging wires, and canvas backings with minimal visible footprint. The smaller staples help retain a smooth, finished look. Just ensure the crown is wide enough to adequately span and grip materials being joined. Strengthen holding power by clinching staple ends where possible.

Narrow crown staples also prevent misshapen book and report bindings caused by overly bulky wider crown models. For the cleanest finish, match crown size to paper thickness. Then clinch staple legs on the opposite side for a flat, smooth bind edge.

Galvanized Staples

Galvanized staples receive a protective zinc coating that resists corrosion far better than standard steel. The galvanized layer maintains integrity even when exposed to water over prolonged periods. This makes galvanized staples well-suited to outdoor and high humidity environments.

18 gauge galvanized staples work well for securing exterior house wrap, roofing felt, and landscaping fabric where moisture resistance is key. Galvanized staples also assemble treated lumber projects while avoiding unsightly rust stains over time like ordinary steel.

For interior uses, galvanized staples prevent rust damage on curtains, upholstery, and insulation in humid basements or attics. Galvanized models provide extra insurance against corrosion issues.

Get the Right Staples for Each Project

By taking project needs into account, you can choose the best performing staple metal, gauge, crown size, and leg length for the job. Use narrow crown stainless steel staples when clean finish and moisture resistance are priorities. Opt for 18 gauge narrow crown galvanized staples on exterior construction projects. And leverage sturdy wider crown staples for bundling thick stacks. With the right staples, you can take on any project with confidence.