Choosing The Right Upholstery Staples For Durable, Professional Results

Jul 19, 2023 | NEWS

For upholsterers, installers, and DIYers alike, using quality staples is essential for achieving secure, long-lasting upholstery attachments. With options like leg length, gauge, series, and material, it’s important to select the right staple specs for your fabric and application needs. In this article, we’ll examine popular 4mm and 16mm series stainless steel upholstery staples, including cost-effective China-sourced varieties, to help determine the best choice for your next upholstery project.

16mm 71 Series Stainless 22 Gauge Upholstery Staples

4mm 71 Series Stainless 22 Gauge Upholstery Staples

4mm leg length upholstery staples are very commonly used for attaching lighter weight fabrics to furniture frames and decking materials. At just under 1/8″, they provide enough bite to secure fabric without creating excessive dimpling. Their short length also prevents poking through to the visible side.

The 71 series features a chisel point and wide crown design optimized for grasping upholstery materials. The chisel tip eases penetration through layers and resists deflection, while the domed crown improves load distribution for greater holding power.

Choosing stainless steel over standard steel provides increased resistance to rust and corrosive substances that can compromise attachments over time. This is especially beneficial for outdoor upholstery applications. The stainless composition allows staples to maintain holding strength and appearance.

16mm 71 Series Stainless 22 Gauge Upholstery Staples

For heavier grade upholstery work involving thicker, stiffer materials, 16mm (just over 1/2″) leg length staples provide more sturdy attachment. The longer legs can better grab into wood frames and foam padding without pull-through failures.

Like the 4mm version, these feature 71 series chisel point and wide crown configurations to penetrate easily without veering off course and maximize gripping power. The stainless steel composition gives corrosion resistance and strength for long-lasting fastening integrity.

For very thick or dense substrates, even longer staple legs around 20mm may be required. Always test samples first to ensure the legs sufficiently engage the materials without protruding through.

China-Sourced Upholstery Staples Can Reduce Costs

Importing upholstery staples directly from manufacturers in China offers a way to significantly reduce costs compared to branded supply houses. Many China factories produce staples to match major brand specs at a fraction of the price.

For example, Yiwu Juqun Hardware manufactures 71, 80, and other series upholstery staples in stainless and carbon steel comparable to premium brands. While lead times are longer shipping directly overseas, the cost savings often justify it for high volume users. Vetting suppliers carefully is recommended to ensure consistent quality and sizing.

Efco’s 10J Series Carbon Steel Staples

A more budget-friendly option is carbon steel staples like Efco’s 10J series. These incorporate the same leg lengths, chisel points, and domed crowns as 71 series staples but in inexpensive electro-galvanized carbon steel. While not as rust-resistant as stainless, they can provide good value for indoor upholstery jobs. The 10J series staples from China 10J Series Upholstery Staples suppliers, are sold by major retailers for convenience.