Coil Nails: Essential Fasteners For Fencing and Pallet Projects

May 30, 2023 | NEWS

Coil nails are a type of fastener used in construction and woodworking. They are made of wire that has been wound into a tight spiral or coil, with nails attached to the outside of the coil. The nails are typically made of steel and have a sharp point at one end and a flat head at the other. Coil nails are designed to be used with a coil nail gun, which feeds the nails from the coil into the gun for rapid and efficient fastening. They are commonly used for framing, sheathing, and other construction applications where high-speed and high-volume fastening is required.

Benefits About Coil Nails Applied During Fencing And Pallets

When tackling outdoor projects like fencing, decking or pallets, coil nails are a must-have in your tool arsenal. These coiled nails offer a number of benefits over traditional box nails:

  • Coil nails are fed directly from the reel of wire into the powerful nail guns, offering uninterrupted nailing and fast installation speed.
  • The constant feeding mechanism keeps the nails straight so you get consistent driving and accurate placement.
  • There is virtually no jamming and misfiring like you experience with traditional nails.
  • The selections of coil nail sizes, types, and lengths are far greater than box nails, giving you more options for your specific project needs.

Options Of Coil Nail for Fencing

2 Inch Coil Nails – These standard length nails are suited for connecting fence pickets and rails of wood, composite, and vinyl fences. Their 2 inch length ensures secure holding in the ends of the rails and pickets for residential fences up to 6 feet tall.

3 Inch Coil Nails – For taller privacy fences and fences with heavy duty requirements, opt for 3 inch coil nails. The extra length sinks deeper into the wood for increased withdrawal resistance and bearing capacity.

Pallet Coil Nails – For quick assembly or repair of wooden pallets and crates, pallet coil nails ranging from 1 1/2 inch to 3 inch lengths work very well. Their larger diameters provide necessary strength for load bearing applications while still being easy for coil nailers to drive.