Coil Nails: The Benefits of Using Wire Collated Fasteners

Jun 15, 2023 | NEWS

Coil nails are a type of wire fastener that comes wound on a lightweight plastic or cardboard collating strip. They offer several advantages over traditional box nails for many construction and assembly applications. This blog post will discuss the benefits of wire collated nails and the common types available.

What are Coil Nails?

Coil nails are steel wire nails that are manufactured with lightweight plastic or cardboard strips wound into a coil shape. The nails remain attached to the strip, making them easy to load into a pneumatic or gas nail gun.

Once the trigger is pulled, the strip feeds a single nail into the gun’s firing chamber where it is driven into the workpiece. This collated format streamlines the nailing process and reduces the need to continuously reload nails.

Advantages of Coil Nails

• Faster installation – No stopped to reload box nails
• Reduction in bent nails – Fewer nails fall to the ground
• More consistent nailing – Strip feeding ensures consistent placement
• Easier to carry and organize on job site
• Strips are recyclable and reduce waste
• Available in various lengths, styles and diameters

Common Types of Coil Nails

• 30 and 15 Degree Siding Nails – Ideal for exterior siding applications
• Flooring Nails – Used for installing hardwood floors, laminate flooring and floor underlayment
• Framing Nails – For joining pieces of lumber together in frame construction
• Roofing Nails – Designed to pierce asphalt roofing shingles and attach to the roof deck
• Fence Staples – Used to secure woven wire and chain link fencing to posts

In addition, coil nails come in different versions to suit different nail guns:

• Plastic strip nails – Compatible with combustion nailers
• Paper strip nails – Designed for pneumatic nail guns
• T50 nails – Work with 15 gauge Browning nailers