Comparing To Wide Staples And Stapler Nails

  • HUAZHEN has over 18 years of active engagement in the fastener industry.
  • They have a skilled team of 15+ professionals and an advanced management system.
  • HUAZHEN specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for overseas clients within the fastener products domain.

Wide staples refer to staples that have an extra wide crown or top section between the legs. Its key points below:

  • Wider Crowns – The crowns range from around 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide or more.
  • Added Holding Power – The large crown provides increased gripping strength and stability in the material it’s driven into.
  • Leg Length – Legs are available in various lengths to accommodate different material thicknesses.

Require more force to drive compared to narrow staples. The wide top can split more delicate materials. Meanwhile, stapler nail is a hybrid fastener that combines attributes of both staples and nails.

Their wide range of nails and staples is designed to meet diverse requirements and applications. With extensive experience, a knowledgeable team, and systems in place, HUAZHEN is well-equipped to serve the needs of international customers.