Crown staples can be your good partner in production

Sep 19, 2023 | NEWS

Crown staple rows use a series of production processes to effectively integrate regularly arranged nail units and integrate them with special sticky glue to form a whole row of crown staples that are arranged and fixed in a regular manner.

Crown staples are widely used in construction engineering decoration, furniture manufacturing industry, wood connection, furniture installation and other industries,because they are more flexible to be installed,and can be installed item by item constantly in a short time.The lightweight, narrow stapler is easy to handle, making it ideal for installing trim in tight areas.

There are many different sizes of crown staples,the most common of which is 20 gauge wide crown staples.

 20 gauge wide crown staples

   20 gauge wide crown staples function everywhere in various industries.20 gauge represents  1/2inch,1/2 inch crown pneumatic 20 ga wide crown staples are perfect for light wood assembly, upholstery, bedding, speaker grills and housewrap applications.

20 ga wide crown staples of Huazhen are truly worthy

  Our 10J Series 20 ga crown staples are a popular choice for professionals in the construction and upholstery industries. These narrow crown staples are made of fine wire and are designed to be used with pneumatic staple guns, making them the perfect solution for fastening a variety of materials such as fabric, wood, and insulation.

The 10J Series 20 ga wide crown staples feature an 11.2-inch wide crown and are available in lengths ranging from 4 mm to 22 mm. This size range allows for a variety of fastening applications, making our 10J Series 20 ga wide crown staples a versatile and reliable choice for any job.

Stainless steel is an ideal material of crown staples

Features of stainless steel

  Stainless steel material with high mechanical strength, good toughness, will not become brittle at low temperatures, high temperatures do not deform, good impact resistance, can withstand the vibration impact, with no water leakage, no bursting, fire prevention, seismic and other characteristics; thermal insulation performance is 24 times that of the copper material, which reduces the loss of heat; in the stainless steel surface of the thin and solid chromium-rich oxidation film, so that it has excellent corrosion resistance, antioxidant resistance, isolation of infectious germs, even if the buried ground also has excellent material characteristics.

20 gauge wide crown stainless steel staples

 Crown staples are usually made of galvanized iron wire,compared to which stainless steel crown staples from we HUAZHEN have many advantages.

The raw material of 20 gauge wide crown stainless steel staples is made of 304 stainless steel, stainless steel nails are silver-white in color. Stainless steel 20 gauge wide crown stainless steel staples have high hardness and can be used on concrete walls. 20 gauge wide crown stainless steel staples do not need to do post-processing treatment. Cement nails cement nails high hardness, the use of carbon steel production, the material has 45 steel or 60 steel, after drawing, annealing, nail making. Quenching and other processes, so the texture is relatively hard.

Application of 20 gauge wide crown stainless steel staples

  20 gauge wide crown stainless steel staples are widely used in many industries such as engineering, home decoration, furniture manufacturing, packaging, manufacturing industrial products, and leather.

  We advise buyers to purchase 20 gauge wide crown stainless steel staples from a credible manufacturer,and China manufacturers can provide both high quality and reasonable prices.

HUAZHEN,a leading manufacturer of crown staples from China

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