Ensuring Long-Lasting Exteriors With Coil Siding Nails

Nov 7, 2023 | NEWS

When installing factory-finished siding like steel or aluminum coil products, appearance and longevity depend greatly on fastening methods. Coil siding nails provide secure, corrosion-resistant attachments that keep exteriors looking their best for decades. Different nail types suit various substrate materials and siding gauges for optimal holding power.

Thicker gauge siding like 24-gauge steel panels require substantial nails:

Thicker gauge siding like 24-gauge steel panels require substantial nails to penetrate substrates like plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing. Stainless steel coil siding nails between 1.25 to 2 inches long securely fasten heavier siding with minimal blowout or pull-through. Their fully hardened, case-hardened carbon steel shank drives smoothly through siding without distortion.

Stainless heads and shanks prevent CO2 corrosion installers face on conventional galvanized nails subject to acid rain and moisture. Galvanizing leaches over decades, allowing oxidation stains to bleed through light siding colors. Alternatively, aluminum siding attaches well with shorter aluminum nails designed to reduce staining.

Hardened nails clenched tightly yet spring back slightly under the siding edge for a stylishly flush appearance:

Proper fastener lengths balance siding retention versus blowout—too long and nail points protrude substrate backsides, too short risks pull-out. Nail spacing also matters, usually 6 inches along studs/furring for balanced support.

When attaching siding over non-structural sheathing like housewraps or felts, nails must penetrate these layers into framing without damaging vapor barriers. Durock and dense urethane backerboards need nails rated for concrete and masonry. Lap siding installs with coils designed for thinner sheet metal.

Smooth-shank collated coil strip fasteners install unlike stick-nails:

Nail coils feed through compressed air tools for rapid application rates up to 250 nails/minute, twice manual rates. Coils economize projects versus boxes, reducing waste and opening costs. They eliminate misfires and jams versus wire brads.

Coil nail guns set dimples for venting while clenching, unlike stick nails relying on consistent installers to form dimples correctly. Coils come pre-oiled, and guns lubricate each fastener for smooth feeding—stick nails need oiling. Coils also install neatly inside corners and along uneven substrates difficult for hand nailing.

Proper fastening outlasts siding and avoids premature replacements from peeled panels. Stainless coil siding nails protect investment and curb appeal for residential and commercial buildings. Their reliability ensures hassle-free exteriors as designed for lifetimes. As recommandation from leading coil nails factory in China, HUAZHEN provides 15 degree stainless steel coil nails.