Finish Nails With Different Size 2 And 2.5 Inch

  • HUAZHEN has been actively engaged in the fastener industry for over 18 years.
  • With a team of over 15 skilled professionals and an advanced management system in place.

In Meantime, HUAZHEN specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for our oversea clients in the fastener products domain. Additionally, we offer a wide range of nails and staples, catering to diverse requirements and applications.

HUAZHEN finish nails have small heads that are as designed to be set just below the surface of the wood for a smooth “finished” look. They have small barbed shafts and made of steel materials with zinc coating.

Sizes are defined by length, generally 1-4 inches long, such as:

  • 1.5 inches for trim,
  • 2 inches for baseboards,
  • Width/gauge varies from 6d to 16d,
  • With smaller gauges for thinner materials like 1/8″ trim.

Referring to types of finish nails, we consider to differ from their head styles:

  • Round,
  • Oval / Ribbed,
  • Button head.

HUAZHEN recommand oversea customers as 2 inch 16 gauge finish nails and 2.5 inch 16 gauge finish nails. Please contact us for more products information.