Heavy Duty Fastening: Understanding 20 Gauge Staples

Jul 14, 2023 | NEWS

In offices, businesses, schools, and homes worldwide, staples are a versatile fastening solution for securing multiple pages together. But not all staples are created equal. For demanding tasks that require a super strong and durable staple, step up to the heft and clinch power of 20 gauge.

20 gauge wide crown staples

What Sets 20 Gauge Staples Apart?

Staple gauge refers to the thickness of the wire used to make the staple. Lower gauge numbers represent a thicker staple wire diameter. Most standard desk staplers take 22-23 gauge staples. Heavy duty 21 gauge is considered one step up. But for truly high performance stapling, 20 gauge is the gold standard.

With a thick wire diameter of approximately 0.035 inches, 20 gauge staples are dramatically stiffer and stronger than standard 22 or 21 gauge. This allows them to pierce and clinch up to 150 sheets of paper – over 5 times that of regular staples.

The reasons to choose 20 gauge staples include:

• Binding extremely thick documents or booklets
• Stapling coarse or rigid materials like cardboard
• High visibility color-coding of important documents
• Adding flair with decorative gold or silver finishes
• Stapling in high wind outdoor situations
• Extra durability for frequently handled documents

For challenging stapling tasks demanding the ultimate in strength, 20 gauge is the clear choice.

Stapling Very Thick Document Stacks

In office settings, 20 gauge crown staples excel at securely binding thick reports, presentations, multi-page contracts, and voluminous legal documents. A standard 22 gauge desk stapler maxes out around 30 sheets. Upgraded models may reach 50-60 sheets. But 20 gauge powered staplers can clinch up to 150 sheets or more.

The thicker 20 gauge wire slices through the dense paper stack with ease. The 20 gauge wide crown staples help spread clamping force across more pages for a tighter, flatter bind. Industrial grade 20 gauge staples give you confidence that even phone book-sized documents will remain securely fastened.

Stapling Rigid Materials Like Cardboard

From product packaging to permanent records, stapling cardboard is a common need. But the dense, stiff structure of cardboard can be challenging for regular staples. Bending thinner 22 gauge staple legs usually requires excessive force. This can damage desktop staplers not designed for it.

20 gauge staples have a reinforced backbone to cleanly pierce rigid cardboard. The wider crown provides enhanced clinching power to securely bind the thick material. No more staple legs splaying outward or failing to penetrate. With specialty 20 gauge cardboard staples, you’ll get neat, lasting fastening in one shot.

Color Coding Important Documents

For highlighting key documents like contracts or divider pages, 20 gauge staples are available in a rainbow of colors. Vibrant red, green, blue and more stand out against black and white pages. Custom printed staples with logos or text are also easier to read in 20 gauge.

The thicker wire diameter provides opacity for solid color saturation. Skinnier standard staples often appear translucent, diluting the color intensity. Make an impact with attention-grabbing color coded 20 gauge staples.

Gold, Silver and Decorative Finishes

Why stick with plain old steel staples when you can add some elegance? For an upscale touch, 20 gauge staples come in shiny gold, silver and bronze finishes. Antiqued and matte metals are also available for a sophisticated vintage look.

The thicker 20 gauge wire shows off these special finishes better than standard sizes. Drape your documents in staples plated with precious metals or punctuated with dazzling rhinestones. Elevate the ordinary with decorative 20 gauge staples.

Heavy Duty Stapling Outdoors

Constructing yard signs, securing holiday lights, building bird houses – outdoor stapling projects need to withstand the elements. Slim 22 gauge staples easily loosen and pull free when subjected to wind and weather. Upgrade to the brawnier 20 gauge for super secure fastening that lasts.

The wider stapling reach grabs more material while the stronger clinch resists UV rays and moisture. Plant 20 gauge staple technology where you need rugged, reliable performance season after season.

Extra Protection for Frequently Handled Documents

Loose staples on important paperwork like instruction manuals or reference guides are a nuisance. But constantly flipping pages and handling inevitably takes a toll on standard staples. With each turn of the page, they inch closer to failure.

Bolster frequently accessed documents with stubbornly strong 20 gauge staples. Their vice-like grip and reinforced steel backbone maintain a tight bind despite repeated use. Documents stay neat, tight and orderly thanks to the rugged resilience of 20 gauge staples.

Tackling Tough Jobs with 20 Gauge

Don’t let puny staples slow you down. When thin wire and weak clinching just won’t cut it, bring the muscle with 20 gauge staples. Their peerless strength and durability make short work of even the most demanding stapling challenges. For the biggest jobs, go with the stainless steel power of 20 gauge.