Hog Rings Functioning In Upholstery Industry

Hog rings are familiar to people engaged in animal breeding and grazing. They are usually a ring with an opening that can be easily attached to the animal’s body. Other industries have also absorbed this wisdom and experience and created staples that is shaped like a hog ring.

Hog staples are produced in rows and then loaded into a very convenient tool – the staple gun. You only need to “pull the trigger” and a hog staple is fixed. This action is not time-consuming or labor-intensive, and does not require much buffering and preparation time. As long as the size and machine are selected correctly, production efficiency can be greatly improved.

Upholstery field applies hog staples the most nowadays.Upholstery hog rings function in all types of relatively thin part of furniture.The assembly and installation of cabinets, interior and exterior trim, skirting boards, bookshelves, wainscoting, and more now rely heavily on upholstery hog rings.