How To Choose Your Ideal Brad Staples

In order to improve efficiency, a kind of nail that can be automatically ejected and embedded is increasingly used in the manufacturing industry. This kind of nail is something that everyone has seen in life. It is similar to the staplers you use to organize papers and documents in your daily life, except they are much larger.To distinguish them in name,we call staples in industry brad.

Brad staples are very convenient to use. You only need to put the brad staples of suitable size and material into the automatic stapler gun, and then press the button to complete the task quickly.Brad nails are playing an increasingly important role in the apparel manufacturing, shoe manufacturing and decoration industries. However, it is worth noting that brad staples’ range in size is large,and are made of many kinds of materials, so you must carefully select the appropriate brad nails for different uses.As an example:

Stainless brads have the advantages of good corrosion resistance, good high-temperature strength, beautiful appearance and not easy to pollute, but they also has the disadvantages of relatively low strength and high price.Buyers should be clear enough about their requirements,and can contact us for advises.