HUAZHEN Produces Type 71 22 Gauge Staples For Cardboard

  • Over 18 years of experience in the fastener industry through active engagement.
  • Skilled team of 15+ professionals and advanced management system.
  • Providing comprehensive solutions for overseas clients.
  • Solutions within the fastener products domain.

Cardboard Staples:

  • Wide crown – Typically have crowns around 1 inch wide to grab cardboard firmly.
  • Thicker gauge – Usually around 16 to 18 gauge wire for strength.
  • Leg length – 5/8 to 1 inch legs penetrate cardboard easily.
  • Uses – Closing corrugated cardboard boxes, attaching tags, crafts.
  • Benefits – Sturdy and inexpensive. Hold cardboard tightly.

Type 71 22 Gauge Staples:

  • Narrower 3/8″ crown – Less visibility and bulk on paper materials.
  • Thinner 22 gauge wire – Easier to drive through paper but less holding power.
  • 1/2″ leg length – Penetrates multiple paper sheets easily.
  • Uses – Securing multi-page reports, book binding, paper tags.
  • Benefits – Neat small footprint. Minimizes document damage.

HUAZHEN is well-equipped to serve international customers with its specialized expertise developed over 18 years. We have the team, systems, solutions expertise, and products to address a variety of fastener needs.