HUAZHEN Staples – 71 series And 80 series

HUAZHEN additionally supplies a diverse catalog of nails and staples designed to meet varied requirements and applications. With demonstrated knowledge in the sector, a knowledgeable team, and commitment to clients, HUAZHEN is well-positioned to serve customers internationally.

71 Series Staples:

  • Also called standard staples or regular staples. They have rounded edges and are used in most basic office and home staplers. The legs are bent outwards after penetrating paper/material.
  • Inexpensive, very widely available, work well for basic stapling of paper and thin materials.

80 Series Staples:

  • Also called crown staples. Have a wider crown section between the legs compared to 71 series. The legs are bent inwards and flatten against the material after stapling.
  • Provide a stronger grip on thicker materials like cardboard. Less likely than 71 series to accidently tear through multiple pages of paper.

HUAZHEN has over 18 years of experience in the fastener industry. They have built expertise through active engagement and have a skilled team of 15 professionals supported by advanced systems. Their specialists provide comprehensive solutions tailored to overseas clients’ needs within the fastener products domain.