Industrial Staples With Many Types

HUAZHEN has over 18 years of experience in the fastener industry through active engagement. As staples industrial leading manufacturer in China, they have:

  • HUAZHEN boasts a proficient team of over 15 skilled professionals who possess expertise in the field.
  • With an advanced management system in place, we ensure streamlined operations and efficient execution of projects.
  • Our specialization lies in delivering comprehensive solutions specifically tailored for overseas clients within the fastener products industry.
  • Industrial staples are specialized fasteners used in various industries for securing materials together.

Materials and Types of Industrial Staples:

Wire staples are the most common type of industrial staples and are made from high-quality steel wire.

Flat staples are wider and flatter than wire staples, providing a larger surface area for improved holding power.

Coil staples come in a continuous coil format and are loaded into specialized coil staplers.

Carton staples, also known as box staples, are specifically designed for sealing corrugated cardboard boxes.