Kinds Types Of Staples By HUAZHEN – Pneumatic & Crown Staple

HUAZHEN has 18+ years of experience in the fastener industry. With a skilled 15-person team and advanced systems, they specialize in fastener solutions for overseas clients. A wide range of nails and staples meets diverse needs and applications.

A staple is a type of fastener used to attach materials together. It consists of two legs connected at the top by a crown. The legs are driven through the materials being joined, bending outward to grip them from the underside.

Types of staples include:

  • Pneumatic staples – Powered by air compressors. Allows rapid, high volume stapling.
  • Brad staples – Thin wire brads with very small crowns. Used in trim carpentry, crafts.
  • Crown staples – Wide crown for increased gripping strength. Used for framing, upholstery.
  • Insulation staples – Extra wide crowns for securing insulation batts. May have chisel points.
  • Heavy duty staples – Large, thick for high strength. Used for pallets, crating.