Nails And Staples Provided By HUAZHEN Fastener Manufacturer

HUAZHEN was located in screws fastener base of northern China — Xiqing Dist. of Tianjin. Nearby Beijing international airport 140 km. At the same time, to reach Tianjin Xingang port merely 50 km.

Actually we have involved in this industry for more than 18 yrs experiences. We produce kinds of nails and staples. Now list the popular types of them below:

Top 10 types of nails:

Common nails, also known as wire nails, are the most widely used type of nails.

  • Finish nails have a smaller diameter than common nails and feature a smaller, more discreet head.
  • Brad nails are very thin and delicate, often used for securing lightweight trim, molding, and delicate woodworking projects.
  • Roofing nails are specifically designed for fastening roofing materials.
  • Concrete nails, also known as masonry nails or masonry screws, are hardened steel nails designed for fastening materials to concrete, brick, or masonry surfaces. For example: 14 gauge concrete t nail.
  • Upholstery nails, also called decorative nails or furniture tacks, are used in upholstery projects to secure fabric and trim to furniture frames.
  • Ring shank nails have ridges along the shank, providing increased holding power and resistance to withdrawal.
  • Flooring nails are designed specifically for installing hardwood flooring.
  • Duplex nails, also known as double-headed nails or scaffold nails, have two heads connected by a bar.

Common 9 types of staples:

  • Standard staples, also known as regular or office staples, are the most commonly used type of staples.
  • Heavy-duty staples are thicker and stronger than standard staples.
  • Narrow crown staples have a narrower crown width compared to standard staples.
  • Wide crown staples have a wider crown width, providing increased holding power and surface area. For example, 80 series staples, 1/2 inch crown, 20 gauge.
  • Flat wire staples have a flat profile instead of a rounded cross-section.
  • Round wire staples have a rounded cross-section. They are commonly used in upholstery, attaching wire mesh, etc.
  • Upholstery staples are specifically designed for upholstering tasks.
  • Cable staples, also known as wire staples or wire tacks, are designed for securing electrical cables and wires to walls, floors, or other surfaces.
  • Insulation staples are designed specifically for fastening insulation materials, such as foam boards or fiberglass, to walls, ceilings, or other surfaces.