Optimized Fasteners For Sturdy And Efficient Framing

Aug 5, 2023 | NEWS

When constructing wood-framed buildings, choosing the right nails is crucial in creating strong, long-lasting structural joints that withstand weather, time, and wear. Advancements like 34 degree angled shanks, convenient paper collated strips, and galvanized coatings produce specialty nails with features ideal for framing. We’ll look at how nails engineered specifically for framing provide optimal strength, speed, and corrosion resistance.

34 Degree Clipped Head Nails

34 Degree Paper Collated Framing Nails

The angled shank and collated paper strip of these nails allow rapid, secure fastening:

  • 34 Degree Angled Shank: Provides substantial toe-nailing strength and resistance to pulling out under loads.
  • Paper Collated Coil: Angled nails held together by sturdy paper can be rapidly fed into nail guns for efficiency.
  • Full Round Heads: Prevent nail heads from digging into lumber while maximizing holding strength.
  • Ring or Screw Shanks: Further enhance gripping power and withdrawal resistance in wood grain.
  • 10d up to 16d Lengths: Suit a variety of nailing applications from built-up beams to wall studs.

With strong angled shanks and smooth collated feeding, these nails deliver fast, reliable framing connections.

34 Degree Galvanized Framing Nails

For framing exposed to weather, galvanized 34 degree nails add corrosion resistance:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized: Zinc coating applied to finished nails prevents rusting and adds longevity.
  • 34 Degree Angled Shank: Provides substantial toe nailing abilities critical for deck, fence, and exterior framing.
  • Meet Building Codes: Comply with requirements for corrosion-resistant nails in exterior applications.
  • Ideal for Treated Lumber: Galvanization avoids reactions between treated lumber chemicals and bare steel.
  • Versatile for Interior Use Too: Galvanized coating makes them suitable for interior framing as well when needed.

Galvanized 34 degree nails deliver extra years of reliable service in outdoor structures while retaining angled shank strength.

34 Degree Clipped Head Nails

Clipped head nails maximize holding while sinking flush into framing lumber:

  • Partially Flattened Head: When driven, the remaining head portions clinch into the wood gaining extra grip.
  • Heads Sit Flush: Prevents any raised nail heads from telegraphing through drywall or other wall finishes.
  • 34 Degree Shank: Delivers substantial toe nailing abilities and withdrawal resistance like other angled nails.
  • Full Range of Common Sizes: From 2 inch nails for built-up beams to 3-1/2 inch 16d nails for wall studs.
  • Can be Galvanized: For corrosion resistance in outdoor applications when required.

The combined benefits of angled shanks and clipped heads make these nails ideal for professional framing needs.

Specialty nails purpose-built for framing save installers time while providing the strength to erect wood structures that stand the test of time. Framers can rely on optimized fasteners like 34 degree collated, galvanized, and clipped head nails to get the job done right.