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HUAZHEN, a leading manufacturer and supplier, offers a wide range of wire finishes including bright basic, flash galvanized, class 1 galvanized, and stainless steel (type 304), ensuring we meet the specific needs of your project. Our spiral coils of wire are skillfully crafted to produce , a type of nail that plays a vital role in the construction and woodworking sectors. Designed to streamline the fastening process and boost productivity, these are indispensable tools.

One notable feature of is their coil shape, enabling seamless compatibility with pneumatic nail guns and other nail feeding systems. This specialized design ensures efficient and hassle-free operation, allowing for smooth and precise fastening. To determine the size of a , the nail gauge is used as a metric. The nail gauge indicates the diameter of the nail, with higher gauge numbers corresponding to thinner nails. The choice of size and gauge depends on the specific task at hand. As a general guideline, it is recommended to select a nail that is three times longer than the thickness of the material being fastened, ensuring optimal and secure results.

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