High-quality Wholesale 16 gauge staples pricelist Quote

As a distinguished 16 gauge staples manufacturer and supplier, HUAZHEN proudly presents an exquisite selection of wire finishes tailored to meet the unique requirements of your projects. Our range includes bright basic, flash galvanized, class 1 galvanized, and stainless steel (type 304) options, ensuring that we have the perfect match for your specific needs. For an added advantage, choose HUAZHEN 16 gauge staples, which features a specially formulated adhesive applied to the bottom portion of the fastener. During installation, this adhesive melts, acting as a lubricant and facilitating smooth insertion into the work surface. Once in place, the HUAZHEN 16 gauge staples adhesive undergoes a hardening process, forming a robust bond between the fastener and the material, particularly wood.

Staples exhibit primary variations in the length of their crown, which acts as the connecting strip between the two legs of the staple. The crown size of staples can range from 3/16″ till 1″, and the choice of size depends on the intended application. In projects where the staple needs to remain inconspicuous, such as in molding or trim applications, a smaller size is typically preferred. Conversely, for heavy-duty tasks such as wire lathing or roofing shingle installation, a larger size is necessary to ensure a robust and secure hold, even if it is visible. The selection of the appropriate staple size ensures optimal performance and reliability in various applications.

Light-Duty Steel Staples:
Gauge Range: 16-18 gauge
Applications: Upholstery, light-duty packaging, crafting, and DIY projects.

Medium-Duty Steel Staples:
Gauge Range: 14-16 gauge
Applications: General construction, roofing, insulation installation, fencing, and light-duty industrial fastening.

Heavy-Duty Steel Staples:
Gauge Range: 12-14 gauge
Applications: Concrete, masonry, and heavy-duty industrial fastening, such as pallets, crates, and packing crates.

Extra Heavy-Duty Steel Staples:
Gauge Range: 10-12 gauge
Applications: Hardwood flooring, industrial packaging, and specialized construction tasks that require increased durability and holding power.

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