Product Description


16GA Heavy Wire Staple Nails are actually made of heavy wire, as their name implies, and not fine wire. These staples are commonly used in construction and upholstery work and are designed to be used with a pneumatic staple gun to securely fasten materials like fabric, wood, and insulation. The staple width for 16GA Heavy Wire Staple Nails typically ranges from 1/2 inch to 1 inch, and they are available in various lengths. Custom sizes are also available to cater to specific design or staple gun requirements.


when referring to fine wire staple nails, such as the 22GA variety. It is indeed important to select the correct staple length for the job, as using a staple that is too short may not provide a secure hold, while using a staple that is too long may damage the material being fastened. It is also important to use a compatible pneumatic staple gun that is designed to work with the correct size of fine wire staples. This ensures that the staples are applied correctly and efficiently, and also helps to prevent any damage to the material being fastened.


We use high-quality galvanized wire for production, and ensure that the galvanized amount reaches 40g/m2. Such nails are not easy to rust and are corrosion-resistant



Fine wire staple nails, such as the 22GA variety, are commonly used when a low profile and strong hold are required. They are often used to secure trim and molding, attach fabric to furniture frames, and fasten insulation to walls and ceilings. The narrow crown of these staples allows for a greater number of staples to be used in a small area, resulting in a stronger hold that can withstand a significant amount of weight or pressure. This makes them a preferred choice for many construction and upholstery projects.
Applications: Automotive Upholstery, vinyl, fabric, leather, furniture upholstery, insulation, screens


We can customize the packaging according to customers’ requirements。