16 Gauge Staple

As a leading manufacturer and global supplier, HUAZHEN offers a complete line of 16 gauge staple for all your fastening needs. Known for outstanding craftsmanship, our 16 gauge staples are produced from premium grade steel wire using advanced automated equipment. Contact us today to experience the reliability of HUAZHEN premium fasteners for all your stapling needs.


Product Description

Introduce About 16 Gauge Staple HUAZHEN Made

16 gauge refers to the diameter of each staple wire, measuring 1/16th of an inch thick. This standard wire size provides an ideal balance of strength and flexibility. HUAZHEN 16 gauge staple features consistent sizing and geometric shapes for reliable performance.

16 gauge staples

Benefits Of 16 Gauge Staple

Our 16 gauge staples offer many benefits:

Durability: Specially formulated steel guarantees 16 gauge staple withstands stresses without bending or breaking.

Accuracy: Precise automated production ensures all staples match tight dimensional tolerances.

Efficiency: Staples easily drive smoothly into materials using most electric or pneumatic staplers.

Corrosion Resistance: Zinc or zinc-alloy plating protects against moisture and extends product lifespan.

Common Applications Of 16 Gauge Staples

Applications of 16 gauge staples span a wide range. Some common uses include light-duty framing, binding paper products, tacking roofing felt, fastening cable ties, temporary assembly work and more. HUAZHEN also supplies clinch-type and crown-type 16 gauge specialty staples.