16 Gauge Staples

As a leading manufacturer specializing in premium fasteners, HUAZHEN produces a extensive line of 16 gauge staples renowned for quality and reliability. With advanced equipment and rigorous standards, our 16 gauge staples consistently meet tight specifications. Contact us today for dependably consistent 16 gauge staples and quick shipping across China and globally.


Product Description

Introduce About HUAZHEN 16 Gauge Staples

HUAZHEN produces 16 gauge staples ideally suited for general duty applications. The 16 gauge measurement refers to the diameter of each wire staple – precisely 1/16th of an inch. This standardized thickness yields staples with ideal sturdiness for many common applications.

16 gauge staples

Features Of 16 Gauge Staples

Key benefits of HUAZHEN 16 gauge staples include:

Durability: Special carbon steel formulations create staples that resist bending and withstand hard use over the long term.

Precision: Ultra-precise fabrication ensures dimensional accuracy down to mere microns for perfect performance.

Smooth Driving: Special strippable coating allows staples to easily drive flush into most common substrates.

Value: High production output keeps our staple prices highly affordable for any wholesale stapling needs.

Applications Of 16 Gauge Staples

Some typical uses of 16 gauge staples are temporary repairs, securing paper notices, packaging light items, forming file folders, tacking tarps and more. HUAZHEN also offers specialty variants like colored strips and clinch types.