Product Description


22GA Fine Wire Staple Nails are a narrow crown staple variety commonly employed in construction and upholstery endeavors. They are crafted from fine wire and utilized with a pneumatic staple gun to affix materials, including but not limited to fabric, wood, and insulation. These staples are half an inch wide and come in different lengths. In addition, we offer a range of custom sizes tailored to specific design or staple gun requirements


Your statement accurately describes the features and uses of 22GA Fine Wire Staple Nails. These staples are popular in the construction and upholstery industries due to their narrow crown design and ability to securely fasten materials with minimal damage. The fine wire construction also allows for smoother and easier penetration into the material being stapled. By using a pneumatic staple gun, these staples can be quickly and efficiently applied. In addition to the standard 1/2 inch width and varying lengths, custom sizes are available to accommodate specific design or staple gun needs


We use high-quality galvanized wire for production, and ensure that the galvanized amount reaches 40g/m2. Such nails are not easy to rust and are corrosion-resistant


22GA Fine Wire Staple Nails are often utilized in scenarios where a secure hold and low profile are necessary, such as fastening trim and molding, attaching fabric to furniture frames, and affixing insulation to walls and ceilings. The narrow crown design of this staple variety, coupled with its 22 gauge wire thickness, allows for a greater number of staples to be used in a confined space, resulting in a stronger grip.
Applications: Automotive Upholstery, vinyl, fabric, leather, furniture upholstery, insulation, screens


We can customize the packaging according to customers’ requirements。