Quality Staples Made By HUAZHEN – 97 And 14 Series

HUAZHEN has over 18 years of experience in the fastener industry through active engagement. As leading China staple and nails manufacturer, they have:

  • A skilled team of 15+ professionals
  • An advanced management system in place
  • Additionally, HUAZHEN is specialized in:
  • Providing comprehensive solutions
  • For overseas clients in the fastener products domain

The higher the series number, the smaller the staple thickness and crown width. For instances, 97 series and 14 series refer to classifications of staple wire gauge and crown size.

97 Series Staples:

  • Very thin wire gauge – 97 series has a wire diameter of 0.020″
  • Small crown width – Around 1/4″ crown width
  • Light duty – Suitable for applications like securing papers, photos, small crafts

14 Series Staples:

  • Heavier wire gauge – 14 series has a 0.062″ wire diameter
  • Wider crown – Approximately 9/16″ crown width
  • Medium duty – Used for framing, securing cables, upholstery