Stainless Steel Staples By HUAZHEN Fastener Manufacturer & Supplier

HUAZHEN Fasteners Manufacturer is specialized in producing various genuine stainless-steel staples. Normally, we list the types below:

  1. Such as 16, 20 and 22 guage according to different size.
  2. If classify the staple according to materials, our staples made of heavy duty, corrosion resistant stainless steel or steels.
  3. When consider into the shape, we also divided staples into 4 types, including saddle staples, T shape stainless steel staples, round crown staples and standard office staples.

In addition to their durability, heavy duty stainless steel staples offer long-lasting performance and a secure hold for various materials, including fabric, padding, wiring, and more. The Stainless-steel staples stand out in the market with their unique combination of aesthetic appeal and resistance to tarnishing and rust.

With a size of 1/2″, these 1/2″ stainless steel staples boast exceptional versatility, fitting a wide range of stapler models. Whether you’re undertaking light or heavy-duty home projects, these staples prove to be invaluable. They excel in tasks such as installing window screening, upholstering furniture, attaching insulation, and securing wires. Moreover, they are also suitable for applications like roofing felt, house wrap, weather stripping, and carpeting.