The Advantages Of 16 Gauge Wide Crown Staples

Jul 7, 2023 | NEWS

When securing heavier materials and bulkier items, wide crown staples provide a more robust fastening solution compared to standard options. 16 gauge wide crown staples in particular offer an ideal balance of grip, durability and versatility for heavier-duty applications.

16 gauge refers to the wire diameter of 0.062 inches for the staple, which is heavier than the thinner 20 and 18 gauge options. This wire thickness allows 16 gauge staples to pierce and grip thicker materials ranging from 1/8 to 3/8 inches.

16 gauge wide crown staples

Common materials securely fastened using 16 gauge wide crown staples include:

• Wood: Ideal for securing trim and moldings, shadow boxes, crates and other wooden items.
• Plywood and OSB panels: Useful for prefabricating subfloors, sheathing and formwork.
• Vinyl: Suitable for joining thicker vinyl sheets and covers.
• Fabrics: Excellent for upholstery, slipcovers and constructions involving multiple layers of material.

In addition to their 16 gauge wire diameter, these staples feature wide crowns that measure 3/16 to 1/2 inches across. The increased crown surface area provides a larger clinched area once the staple is driven flush, resulting in better grip and holding power.

Wide crowns are especially beneficial for applications that involve shearing forces parallel to the fastened materials. The larger clinched area distributes these shearing stresses across more surface area, which helps prevent the staple from pulling loose.

16 gauge wide crown staples also offer benefits compared to heavier options like 15 gauge:

• Less splitting: Their thinner 0.062 inch wires cause less splitting of wood fibers during installation, reducing material waste.
• Reduced overdriving: The staples’ somewhat flexible thinner wire gauge reduces the likelihood of being overdriven, which can damage materials.
• Smoother feeding: The narrower legs release more easily from staple guns, helping to reduce jams.
• More control: The thinner wire provides more precise placement and faster driving compared to bulkier 15 gauge staples.

In summary, the key benefits of 16 gauge wide crown staples include:

• Increased holding power: Their wider crowns provide a larger clinched area for improved grip on medium-thickness materials from 1/8 to 3/8 inches.
• Heavier-duty use: The thicker 0.062 inch wire gauge allows these staples to securely fasten wood, panels, fabrics and other heavier goods.
• Reduced splitting: Their thinner wire diameter causes less wood splitting during installation compared to 15 gauge options.
• Smoother feeding: The narrower staple legs release more smoothly from the staple gun, helping to minimize jams.
• Versatility: 16 gauge wide crown staples work for a range of construction, assembly and upholstery applications that require a robust yet controllable fastening solution.