The Ideal Fasteners for Framing Wood Structures Securely

Aug 4, 2023 | NEWS

When building wood framed structures from decking to entire homes, selecting the right fasteners is just as important as choosing the lumber itself. Nails specifically engineered for framing provide the strength, corrosion resistance and ease of use needed to assemble solid, long-lasting wood constructs. We’ll look at specialized nails for exterior framing, convenient collated nails, and angled 21 degree options.

collated framing nails 21 degree

Robust Exterior Framing Nails

For structural wood framing exposed to the elements, exterior framing nails resist corrosion:

  • Galvanized or Stainless Steel: Hot dipped galvanized and stainless steel nails avoid rust issues plaguing plain steel.
  • Thick, Rugged Shanks: Sturdy framing nail shanks stand up to high winds and weather extremes better than thinner brads or finish nails.
  • Appropriate Lengths and Diameters: Lengths from 2” to 6” and shank diameters from .113” to .162” suit various framing connections.
  • Full Round Heads: The large full round nail head provides substantial holding power when driven into the wood grain.
  • Ring Shank or Screw Shank: Special nail tips grip the wood for very strong attachment power that resists pull out.

Choosing an exterior nail style means wood structures maintain integrity despite harsh outdoor conditions over time.

Collated Framing Nails for Efficiency

For power nailers, collated framing nails allow quick, consistent installations:

  • Clipped Together Strip Coil: Collated nails are locked together in a long feeding strip that advances through the nailer.
  • Works with Coil Style Guns: Collated nails are designed specifically to work with nail guns accepting coil nail strips.
  • Consistent Nail Feed: The coils prevent jams and allow rapid repeat nailing for maximum production.
  • Same Benefits as Loose Nails: Collated nails retain features like galvanized coatings, full round heads, and ringed shanks.
  • Wide Range of Sizes: From short 1-1/4″ nails for fastening sheathing up to 6″ nails for structural connections.

Choose a rugged collated nail that matches your particular framing needs for speed and efficiency.

Collated Framing Nails 21 Degree

The 21 degree angled shank of these specialty nails allows stronger wood joining:

  • Provides Toe Nailing Ability: The angle allows toenailing into crosses, braces, and studs for added downward and lateral strength.
  • Resists Nail Popping: Angled nails driven at joints don’t push back upwards over time like straight nails.
  • Maximizes Holding Strength: Optimal shank angle channels force diagonally through more wood grain when driven.
  • Flexibility in Fastening: Can be driven straight or at varying angles for the strongest possible connection.
  • Collated Option Available: Angled nail coils feed through guns consistently for speedy use.
  • In vital structural joints, 21 degree framing nails deliver superior holding power and lifelong framing integrity.

Rely on the right nails designed specifically for framing applications whether it’s exterior decking, interior walls, or structural framing. Consider corrosion resistance, collated convenience, and specialty angled shanks to maximize construction strength and quality. Expertly engineered nails go hand in hand with properly designed framing.