The quality of code pins: From material to performance, details determine everything

Aug 26, 2023 | NEWS

Code nail is a common fixing tool, which can be used to fix wood, metal, plastic and other materials, and is an indispensable tool in home decoration, furniture making and mechanical construction.

So, how to judge the good or bad of the code nail?

First of all, look at the material of the pin. The quality of the code nails are steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc., of which the hardness of the steel code nails is low, but the price is low, suitable for home decoration and other work; Aluminum gold code nail hardness is higher, the price is more expensive, suitable for machinery manufacturing and other work; The hardness of stainless steel code nails is high, and the corrosion resistance is also strong, suitable for Marine environment and other work.

Second, look at the performance of the code nail. The performance of code nails mainly includes corrosion resistance, wear resistance, tensile strength, etc., of which corrosion resistance refers to the durability of code nails in humid environments, wear resistance refers to the durability of code nails in high temperature, high pressure and other environments, and tensile strength refers to the durability of code nails in tensile, tensile and other environments.

Finally, look at the details of the pin. The fineness of the nail includes the head shape, tail shape, tail length, etc. The head shape determines the fixing effect of the nail, the tail shape determines the pulling effect of the code, and the tail length determines the pulling strength of the code nail.

Conclusion of how to judge code nail

To sum up, to judge the quality of the code nail, we need to start from the three aspects of material, energy and details, and only by comprehensively considering these three aspects can we determine the quality of the code nail.