The Ultimate Guide – 20 Gauge Staples

Jun 12, 2023 | NEWS

There are many different sizes and types of staples for different applications, but 20 gauge staples are some of the most common and versatile. They strike the perfect balance of being small enough for finer work yet sturdy enough for most lightweight jobs. Here’s everything you need to know about 20 gauge staples.

What are 20 Gauge Staples?

Staples of 20 gauge refer to the thickness or diameter of the staple wire. 20 gauge means the wire is 0.032 inches thick. This makes 20 gauge staples thinner and smaller than typical 18 or 16 gauge staples, but thicker and stronger than 22 or 24 gauge staples.

20 gauge staple lengths vary from 5/8 inch up to 2 inches long. These staples are perfect for stapling relatively lightweight paper, thin cardboard, and fabric. Common uses include stapling invoices, office reports, catalogs, folders, and garments.

Types Of 20 Gauge Staples:

• Fine Wire Staples – The simplest 20 gauge staples are made from thin, fine wire. They are inexpensive and work well for stapling lightweight papers together.
• Crown Staples – Crown staples have a small “crown” or circular protrusion under the staple legs that helps keep papers securely in place. They provide a little more gripping power than fine wire staples.
• Box/Folder Staples – Similar to crown staples, box staples have small dimples under the legs to help secure papers. They are commonly used for stapling folders and boxes.
• Corner Staples – 20 gauge corner staples have bent legs designed for securing the corners of boxes, folders, or paper stacks.
• Burst Staples – Also called explosion staples, burst staples have legs that flange outward once inserted to secure papers more firmly.

Fine Wire Staples Offer Simplicity And Value

20 gauge staples are versatile for most lightweight stapling applications due to their good balance of thinness, strength and availability in different sizes and styles. Fine wire staples offer simplicity and value while crown, box and corner staples provide enhanced gripping and positioning for specialized tasks.