The Ultimate Guide to 21 Gauge Staples Porperty As Stainless Steel

Jun 20, 2023 | NEWS

21 gauge staples offer precision and versatility for a wide range of projects. The thinner wire and smaller diameter of 21 gauge staples make them ideal for applications where a smaller staple is needed. They are commonly used in upholstery, leatherworking, fine woodworking and crafts. Let’s explore the different types of 21 gauge staples and when to use each one.

21 Gauge Straight Staples

Straight 21 gauge staples are the most basic and common type. Made from stainless steel for corrosion resistance, they feature straight legs that make a standard clinch when driven. They are perfect for general upholstery, attaching trim and moldings, and assembling woodworking projects.

21 Gauge Air Nail 80 Series Stapler Pin

Also known as air nail staples, 80 Series pin staples have a small head that makes them nearly invisible when installed. The smaller head allows these staples to fit into tighter spaces. They are commonly used in upholstery to join padding and webbing to wood frames.

Humpback 21 Gauge Staples

Humpback or “hog ring” staples have a curved crow that creates an interlocking clinch when installed. They are ideal for joining multiple layers of fabric or leather with stays in place. The thinner 21 gauge wire can be used for more delicate materials.

Tell You the Right Way To Choose 21 Gauge Staples

The type of stainless steel 21 gauge staple you choose will depend on your specific application:

• Straight staples for general clamping and attachment
Stainless Steel Staples 80 Series for upholstery where visibility is important
• Hog rings for joining multiple layers that need to stay interlocked

You’ll also want to consider leg length, wire material ( stainless steel vs. steel), and crown style and diameter based on your materials and project details. With the proper 21 gauge staples and staple gun, you’ll be able to accomplish a wide range of tasks from upholstery and leatherwork to assembling wooden frames and picture frames with precision and long-lasting results.