The Uses And Benefits Of 20 Gauge Fine Wire Staples

Jul 9, 2023 | NEWS

Staples are a versatile fastening solution for a wide range of lightweight materials and thinner substrates. 20 gauge staples offer a more precise fit for joining delicate items, thanks to their thinner wire diameter of just 0.04 inches. Their finer tips and wires cause less damage to fragile materials while still providing a secure hold.

At 0.04 inches in diameter, 20 gauge staples are the thinnest commonly available option. They’re ideal for stapling paper, fabric, vinyl, cardboard and other materials that are 1/8 inch thick or less. Because they do not overpower thin materials, 20 gauge staples are suitable for crafts, bookbinding, upholstery and other detailed applications that require precision stapling.

20 gauge fine wire staples

Common uses for 20 gauge fine wire staple include:

• Stapling paper: Useful for craft projects, office documents, posters, presentations and samples. The thin wires can pierce and fold paper without tearing.
• Fabric joining: Used for sewing notions, mending and assembly of garments and soft goods. 20 gauge staples become practically invisible once fastened.
• Attaching vinyl trim: Perfect for joining thin strips of vinyl to form corners, finishing edges and covering framing. The staples can pierce vinyl without tearing holes.
• Bookbinding and pamphlet making: Necessary for precise gathering, folding and assembling prints, brochures, magazines and more. They stitch pages firmly without compressing or damaging them.
• Upholstery: Useful for securing pattern pieces, trim and strapping during the upholstery process. The staples cause minimal breakage and leave small holes that can be easily filled.

Specification of 20 gauge fine wire staples

20 gauge fine wire staples typically come with 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch crowns. This crown height provides the ideal clinch for securely holding thin materials together. They are available in a wide range of lengths from 1/4 inch up to 1 inch, allowing you to choose the exact staple to fit your application.

The staple legs on 20 gauge options are narrower but longer compared to heavier gauges. This allows them to pierce and grip thin materials without curling or kinking, even when bent double. The fine wires also release more easily from staple guns, helping to reduce jams.

When shopping for 20 gauge staples, look for options made from wire that is electro-galvanized or coated with a rust-inhibiting material. This protects the staples from corrosion that could weaken their grip over time.

The key benefits of 20 gauge fine wire staples can be summarized as follows:

• The diminutive 0.04 inch wire diameter of 20 gauge staples enables them to grip lightweight materials under 0.125 inches thick with pinpoint accuracy, avoiding undue damage or tearing.
• These fine wire staples are well-suited for joining thin items like paper, fabric and vinyl sheets, perfectly clutching lightweight components weighing under an ounce.
• Despite their narrow gauge, 20 gauge staples reliably clasp delicate materials firmly in place, with the long staple legs releasing easily from staple guns without kinking or curling.
• Once fastened, 20 gauge staples blend inconspicuously into thin materials, all but disappearing from view.
• The accurate yet unobtrusive grip afforded by 20 gauge staples lends them to a wide range of applications involving the careful assembly of office documents, craft projects, upholstery and other components requiring precise joining of fine-gauge goods.