Tianjin Huazhen Fastener Factory Already Well-Known During Renowned Exhibitions

Nov 21, 2023 | NEWS

Tianjin Huazhen Fastener Factory has recently made waves in the fastener industry by participating in several renowned exhibitions, including the 134th Canton Fair and the Moscow Exhibition held on November 10. With an impressive array of high-quality products on display, our Staples line has stolen the spotlight, boasting a wide range of styles and models that are not only visually striking but also renowned for their exceptional quality. Notably, our 16GA 14 Series Staples, 16GA N Series Staples, 18GA 90/92 Series Staples, and 21GA 80 Series Staples have garnered significant attention. Moreover, our coil nails and roofing coil nails, available in various models and surface treatments, including ED and HDG, have proven to be immensely popular, thanks to their remarkable anti-corrosion and rust resistance capabilities.

types of staples

Our products have garnered consistent praise from our loyal customers, who have witnessed the extraordinary anti-corrosion and rust resistance capabilities throughout their usage. These testimonials further solidify our reputation for delivering exceptional quality fasteners. We remain committed to providing high-quality solutions, continuously striving to improve our technology and craftsmanship to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our customers. The success of our exhibition showcases serves as a testament to our dedication and lays a strong foundation for future growth.

As Tianjin Huazhen Fastener Factory, we are determined to continue our tradition of innovation and excellence. We will further enhance our product quality and technical expertise to surpass customer expectations. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all customers and partners who visited our exhibition booths, offering their support and recognition. Rest assured, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering outstanding products and providing unparalleled service.