What Difference Between Narrow Crown Staples & Upholstery Staples?

Jun 2, 2023 | NEWS

When working on upholstery projects and upholstering furniture, you’ll come across two main types of staples: narrow crown staples and upholstery staples. While they resemble each other, there are differences that determine when to use one versus the other.

What Are Narrow Crown Staples?

Narrow crown staples have a thinner crown or top part compared to upholstery staples. That makes them suitable for tasks where you don’t want the staple top to protrude from the material, like stapling loose webbing on chairs or attaching veneer. They come in small gauges like 18-gauge narrow crown staples, which are best for thin fabrics.

  • 18 gauge narrow crown staples have a thin wire thickness of 1.024 mm. The thin gauge makes them suitable for attaching thin fabrics and layers.
  • The narrow crown (top) of 18-gauge staples ranges from 5.5 mm to 7 mm wide. The narrow crown allows it to lay flusher to the material surface with minimal protrusion.
  • Since the crown is narrow and the wire thin, 18-gauge narrow crown staples have less grabbing and holding power. They are suitable for thin, light-duty jobs.
  • Compared to wider crown 18-gauge staples, narrow crown staples are less visible after installation. This makes them a good choice when aesthetics and minimal protrusion are important.

Comparing To Upholstery Staples

On the other hand, upholstery staples have a wider crown. That allows them to grasp thicker fabrics better, distribute pressure more evenly and resist pullout. They come in heavier gauges like 22 gauge upholstery staples, suitable for upholstering cushions and thick padding.

Since upholstery staples have a wider crown, they are more visible after installation and protrude more. So for tasks where you want minimal visibility, like reattaching loose webbing, narrow crown staples in 18 to 20 gauge work better.

  • 22-gauge upholstery staples have a wire thickness of 0.711 mm. The gauge is thick enough to grasp and hold thicker fabrics and padding layers securely.
  • The crown (top) of 22-gauge upholstery staples ranges from 7 mm to 9 mm wide. The wider crown distributes pressure across thicker materials more effectively.
  • The wider crown of 22-gauge upholstery staples makes them more visible after installation. The staple tops will protrude more from the material surface.
  • Length options for 22-gauge upholstery staples typically range from 9 mm to 38 mm. Longer lengths are needed for thicker upholstery projects.