Wide Crown Staple Nails By HUAZHEN

With over 18 years of experience, HUAZHEN is dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive one-stop solutions for their fastener product needs.

As reputed fastener manufacturer and supplier in China, we consists of more than 15 professionals, supported by an advanced management system, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers throughout the consultation, procurement, ordering, and utilization processes.

Furthermore, we specialize in the manufacturing of various types of staples, including narrow crown staples and wide crown staples.

Our expertise allows us to meet diverse requirements in the fastener industry. Additionally, we are open to collaborating with overseas customers through OEM partnerships, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Wide crown staple nails are types of fasteners used for joining wood and other materials.

Similar to staple nails but with a wider, flat “crown” area at the top where the legs meet. The wider crown spreads the legs further apart for greater holding power.

Ideal for heavier materials like roofing felts, siding, exterior wood trim, subflooring etc. The wide crown sinks below the surface for an inconspicuous fastener.