Collated Framing Nails 30 Degree Ring Shank Nails

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Framing Plastic Strip Nails




YELLOW,BLUE,RED vinyl coating,BRIGHT polished ,E.G, H.D.G




Wood frame build ,Construction Industry

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Introducing our top-quality frame paper strip nails! Made from high-quality wire with a durable vinyl coating and galvanized for rust resistance, these nails are designed to last. With smooth, spiral or ring shanks, they’re perfect for all brands of nailer guns. And thanks to their unique design, they can hold up to 40 nails per strip, so builders don’t have to reload as often, saving valuable time and money on construction. Order now to experience the difference for yourself!


wood frame build, construction industry
This means that professionals can work for longer periods without interruptions, which boosts their productivity and efficiency. This characteristic makes paper strip frame nails the best option for construction projects that require extended work hours.

Additionally, paper strip frame nails come with a chisel point design that allows for quick penetration into the framing materials, enabling a clean finish. Their availability in different sizes makes them suitable for various thicknesses of framing materials, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Furthermore, these nails are cost-effective and readily available, making them a popular choice for a wide range of construction projects. The resin coating applied to paper strip frame nails serves as an extra layer of protection against moisture damage and corrosion, ensuring a robust hold. This feature is essential in outdoor construction projects, which are mostly exposed to harsh weather conditions.

In conclusion, paper strip frame nails are essential tools for construction professionals. They offer reliable performance, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, making them a preferred choice for frame and connection applications. With their chisel point design and resin coating, these nails provide a seamless, secure connection that withstands the demands of harsh work environments, making them a valuable asset on any construction site.

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