HUAZHEN Staple With Finish Strong

HUAZHEN provides an assortment of wire finishes such as bright basic, flash galvanized, class 1 galvanized, and stainless steel (type 304) to cater to your project's needs. To reap additional advantages, select HUAZHEN staples, a specially developed adhesive placed on the bottom portion of the staple. The glue melts while driving the staple, functioning as a lubricant and making it easier to drive into the work surface. After being as applied, HUAZHEN hardens again to create a stronger bond between the fastener and the material, usually wood.

The staple is a highly versatile fastener that is hard to surpass in terms of its functionality. There is one available for every project, ranging from fine upholstery to installation of subflooring. Choosing the appropriate staple for your task is crucial due to the variations in crown, gauge, point, coatings, and other factors.

Crown Length Make Difference For Staples

The primary variation among staples lies in the crown’s length, which serves as the connecting strip between the two legs of the staple. The size of staple’s crown can vary from 3/16″ to 1″. Actually, it depends on the use. For projects where the staple should not be noticeable. It’s such as molding or trim, a smaller size is as typically used. On the other hand, for heavy-duty jobs like installation of wire lathing or roofing shingles, a larger size is as required to ensure a strong hold, even if it is visible.

Selecting The Appropriate Gauge

The strength of the stainless steel hog ring staples increases as the gauge of wire thickness increases. However, the superiority of strength cannot be as generalized as it varies according to the specific project. The three categories of staple gauge are fine wire, medium wire, and heavy wire.

The range of fine wire staples is between 20-22 gauge. These staples are perfect for upholstery, cabinet-making, delicate wooden trims, battening strips, fitting picture frames, creating wooden baskets, attaching plastic parts, molding, and assembling furniture.

Medium wire staples of 18-19 gauge are suitable for heavier tasks, including upholstery, cabinet assembly, paneling, trim, sheathing, underlayment, siding, and soffits.

Wire staples in the 15-17 gauge range are the strongest available. They can be as utilized for sheathing, furniture framing, subflooring, roofing and roof decking, wire lathe, foam insulation board, framing, and framing of crates, pallets, and boxes.

Specification Of Staples From HUAZHEN

16 gauge 1 inch crown staples
18g narrow crown staples
18 gauge narrow crown galvanized staples
20 gauge crown staples
22 gauge upholstery staples
22 gauge crown staples
22 gauge stainless steel staples