Coil Roofing Nails

  • Firstly, Coil Roofing Nails, which are nails arranged in a circular pattern and connected together by a metal band, are loaded into a nail gun.
  • Secondly, They are popular among all trades since a single coil contains enough nails to finish an entire roofing project without reloading the gun.
  • Moreover, When purchasing coil nails, consider features like whether they are galvanized. This means they have been coated to provide extra resistance to corrosion and rust.
  • Fourthly, Coil nail comes in a wide range of pack sizes and lengths to meet different project needs.
  • Finally, Coil nails are a circular arrangement of nails connected by brass-coated welding wire. Coil nails can be categorized based on their shank types: smooth shank, twist shank or ring shank.

3 Main Types Of Galvanization

Coil nails also differ based on the material used. Carbon steel coil nails with a protective galvanized coating. There are three main types of galvanization:

• Electro galvanization
Hot dipped galvanized coil roofing nails
• Mechanical galvanization

Applications Of Coil Nails

Coil nails have a wide range of uses, including furniture assembly, wood structure construction, and other applications. They are particularly well-suited for fastening wood boards together, like in wood pallets or container assembly. The large capacity of the coil nail strip makes work significantly more efficient by reducing the need to continuously reload the nail gun. Coil nails can streamline operations when joining multiple boards together in woodworking projects.

The Working Mechanism Of Coil Nails

Using coil nails requires a coil nailer or coil nail gun. These nail guns hold strips of connected nails that are loaded into the magazine. A single load of the magazine can contain between 200 and 400 nails, allowing the nail gun to drive a large number of nails before requiring a reload. The compact size of coil nail guns offers some maneuverability and accessibility advantages. However, a fully loaded coil nail gun can be heavy, weighing up to 10 pounds or more. This weight, combined with the length of the nail gun, can make overhead work cumbersome.

Brief Of HUAZHEN Fastener Manufacturer

Tianjin Huazhen Fastener Co. Ltd. is located in Tianjin, China. It is close to major transportation hubs. Additionally, Tianjin is a hub for fastener manufacturing in northern China. Our manufacturer is located 50 km from Tianjin Xingang port and 140 km from Beijing International Airport, providing convenient transportation and access to raw materials. Meanwhile, We provide and supply a variety of nails. Such as coil roofing nails, staples, framing nails, etc.

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