Collated Framing Nails 33 Degree Nails

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Framing Plastic Strip Nails




YELLOW,BLUE,RED vinyl coating,BRIGHT polished ,E.G, H.D.G




Wood frame build ,Construction Industry

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Introducing our high-quality frame paper strip nails! Our polished or galvanized nails with smooth, spiral, or ring shanks are made of Q235 steel and collected by paper tape at 34-degree angles. With a loading capacity of up to 40 pcs per strip, builders can work for longer without needing to reload, saving time and money. We use high-quality wire for production and ensure that the surface treatment, including vinyl coating and galvanizing, is of top-notch quality. Our nails are designed to be safe and can work with all brands of nailer guns. The galvanizing and surface treatment ensure that the nails are rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Upgrade your construction game with our reliable frame paper strip nails. Contact us today to learn more!


wood frame build, construction industry
Paper strip frame nails are ideal for use with pneumatic nail guns due to their convenient strip design, which means that they can be loaded in large quantities for extended use without the need for constant reloading. This can save significant time and effort for construction professionals, allowing them to work faster and more efficiently.

In addition, the design and size of paper strip frame nails make them versatile and suitable for a wide range of different applications. They are commonly used for framing wooden structures such as houses, sheds, and decks, as well as for fitting together other building materials such as drywall, concrete, paper, and masonry.

One of the key benefits of paper strip frame nails is their ability to connect different types of materials quickly and seamlessly. This is possible due to the chisel point design of the nails, which enables them to penetrate hard materials with ease and create a secure bond without splitting or damaging the wood or other materials.

Another advantage of paper strip frame nails is their durability and resistance to corrosion and moisture damage. This is due to the resin coating applied to the nails, which helps to protect them from the elements and extend their lifespan.

Overall, paper strip frame nails are an excellent choice for construction professionals who require a reliable and efficient solution for framing and fitting together different types of building materials. With their large capacity and versatile design, these nails can help to optimize productivity and streamline construction projects of all sizes and complexity levels.

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