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Our frame paper strip nails have several other advantages that make them a popular choice among builders and contractors. For example, our nails have a low profile head, which makes them ideal for projects that require a flush finish. This feature ensures that the nails are not visible after installation, providing a clean and professional look.

Moreover, our nails have a high level of precision, which ensures that they are driven into the materials at the correct depth and angle. This feature is essential in projects that require a high level of accuracy, such as cabinetry or woodworking.

Another benefit of our frame paper strip nails is their compatibility with various types of materials. They can be used to connect wood, concrete, masonry, and other materials, making them a versatile option for construction projects of all kinds.

Finally, our frame paper strip nails are an eco-friendly option for construction projects. The paper tape that holds the nails together is biodegradable, reducing waste and promoting environmental responsibility.

In summary, our frame paper strip nails are a top-quality product that offers numerous benefits to builders and contractors. From their low profile head and high level of precision to their compatibility with various types of materials and eco-friendliness, these nails provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for construction projects of all sizes.


wood frame build, construction industry
For pneumatic nail guns used in framing and construction, paper strip frame nails are the ideal choice due to their size and versatility. These nails are perfect for connecting various framing materials including hardwood, engineered wood, drywall, concrete, paper, and masonry. The large capacity reel of these nails allows workers to work for longer periods without interruption

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We can customize the packaging according to customers’ requirement.