Plastic Collated Nails 34 Clipped Head Framing Nails

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Framing Plastic Strip Nails




YELLOW,BLUE,RED vinyl coating,BRIGHT polished ,E.G, H.D.G




Wood frame build ,Construction Industry

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Introducing our high-quality frame paper strip nails! Our polished or galvanized nails with smooth, spiral, or ring shanks are made of Q235 steel and collected by paper tape at 34-degree angles. With a loading capacity of up to 40 pcs per strip, builders can work for longer without needing to reload, saving time and money. We use high-quality wire for production and ensure that the surface treatment, including vinyl coating and galvanizing, is of top-notch quality. Our nails are designed to be safe and can work with all brands of nailer guns. The galvanizing and surface treatment ensure that the nails are rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Upgrade your construction game with our reliable frame paper strip nails. Contact us today to learn more!


wood frame build, construction industry
This is because the paper strip frame nails come with an ample holding capacity that allows for more extended operational periods without the need for frequent reloading. This helps to save time, enhance productivity and optimize work efficiency.

Moreover, the paper strip frame nails come in various lengths to cater to different requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for each construction project. Their chisel point design ensures easy penetration into the framing materials, creating a seamless and secure connection that holds up to the demands of the job site.

In addition, the paper strip frame nails have a resin coating that protects them from moisture and corrosion, extending their lifespan and durability. This feature is particularly beneficial for outdoor construction projects where exposure to different weather elements is unavoidable.

In summary, the paper strip frame nails are a versatile and cost-effective option for construction professionals, providing reliable performance, strength, and durability. Their ample holding capacity, chisel point design, and resin coating make them ideal for framing or fitting together building materials, ensuring a seamless and secure connection that withstands the demands of any job site.

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We can customize the packaging according to customers’ requirement.